Come join us on a journey to take a stand for love.  


No more love/hate relationships with money happening here. It’s time to love your money relationship no matter what stage of the game you are at. The strategy is simple.  START WITH LOVE NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS.

But Audrey, do you know how ridiculous that sounds!!! Love my money situation no matter what…….

You want me to love my debt, love under earning and or not charging enough, love having no money boundaries, love living in the past with old money stories and money beliefs that I picked up from who knows where, love the dreaded money conversations that are required between clients, bossess, family, or others, love not having any emotional connection to my money, love that their is never enough, love feeling shame, quilt and not good enough around money, love all the fears that even saying or thinking about money brings up, love all the secrets around money love not tracking and knowing where my money goes and the list goes on and on and  on. 

WHAT I MEAN ABOUT STARTING WITH LOVE IS BEING AWARE.  It starts with awareness.  Love that you are now taking the steps to become aware of what is not working so you can step into and be empowered with your money. Knowledge is power!!!!

When I started out as a coach I knew I wanted to empower women and specifically, I wanted them to know that money isn’t a bad word, it isn’t elusive, and they could have much more of it if they only changed their relationship with it.

So, tell me, how would you relate your current relationship with money? Do you love it  or is it filled with disempowering beliefs, behaviour’s and challenges and an even better question that I prefer to ask is  – how do you feel about money? Does it cause your heart to race? Does it give you anxiety? Are you totally in love with it? Wish you knew what money-love felt like? How do you want to feel about money? 

If you could snap your fingers and could create any feeling within yourself about money, what would it be?  Joy, connection, grounded, honest, LOVE, freedom, abundance, giving, responsible, courage, peace, props, gratitude, secure.

My Core Desired Feelings in my life and around money, are Magnetic, Carefree and Wholehearted. Just writing these words makes my heart flutter. Today, I love the relationship I have with my money, and you can have one that you love too.

When we work together, that is exactly where I start. We learn how you want to feel around money and from there we begin to revamp or completely reset your mindset around money and empower you to have a healthy relationship with it.

So, are you ready to love your money in order to attract new clients and generate more income in your business?

We will say BYE BYE to those never ending money stories that no longer serve you

We will lift the veil to your abundance by loving the fact that you have a power debt payoff system

You will love that you now have learned to charge what you are worth and get it

You will love that you now have strengthened your boundaries around money

You will love that you now have the tools to be able to have any conversation around money about anything

You will love the emotional connection that you now have with your money because of the new money mindset you have learned

You will love the systems that you have put in place to take away the shame, quilt, fear and worry around money

You will love that you no longer have the burden of carrying secrets around money

You will love that you have finally found me and can stop trying to figure out this money stuff by yourself. 


IF SO……..

You are not alone. Many people are looking for answers to demystify why they keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits, and are ready to learn how to break through those limiting beliefs, and stories so they can lift the veil to abundance.

I solve this, and together we will transform any fears you may have around money, create empowering money habits, and in the end you will LOVE YOUR MONEY. Check out the SHE LOVES MONEY PROGRAM on my work with me page and or see below to book a time to chat. 

It begins with a friendly conversation to discover what’s important to you. Learn how much time and money your unconscious money beliefs have cost you and look for opportunities to empower your financial decisions and love your personal money growth.

Simply complete the form below now, and together we will look at creating a plan to empower you and your money relationship. Plus, you will leave the session with one simple step to take immediate action on.

Love, Audrey

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Audrey is a warm, thoughtful, and friendly individual. She is committed and caring in the support of her family, friends and clients. She has a gregarious smile and laugh which fills a room and makes others feel good. Audrey has a positive attitude and spirit and looks for the best in every situation. She makes lemons into lemonade. She is an amazing coach and helps others follow her lead. Without ever really knowing, on may occasions she has naturally motivated and encouraged me to take the high road, see the right side of a situation and to focus on the positive.

Donna H.

Off the top of my head I would say Audrey, that you have a genuine curiosity about people
And just life in general. This lovely interest in your world leads you
to connect with many people on different levels. Connections mean a great
deal to you. You are a good listener and have learned how to really hear
what is really being said.
You love learning and seeing how things come together to make the big
You are a natural leader, down to earth, kind and enjoy a little humor!
Your willing to take chances, which could be seen a a great role model for
helping others make changes in their life.
You also like being part of a group. You are versatile.
Ann Liden

Audrey is a very positive and caring person who is passionate about helping others.I know her best as a life coach, and a facilitator of Danielle Laporte’s “Desire Map – How to Find Goals with Soul”. She has helped me realize I can live each day more enjoyably by deciding what feelings I want to have, rather than what goals I want to achieve. 

Denise C.

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