As a female entrepreneur you’re passionate about creating a life and business you love

You are courageous, fun, smart and savvy, and you’d love to get PAID what you’re worth, without the fear of losing the customers you already have.

You want more than anything to transform your relationship with money but you literally feel nauseous when someone asks you how much your program costs. You cannot get out of your head, and you’re stuck in fear, self-doubt and shame around your finances.

Fact is …….

There are just some things you can’t do alone, and you must break through your money fears, and do the inner work to create a life and business you love.

The Inner work starts with your thoughts and what it is that you currently believe about money. How to save, spend, and make it.

This is the foundational piece to creating a life you love.

Trust me, I’ve walked in your shoes. Shame and self-doubt kept my head buried in the sand like an Ostrich.

I now have an empowered money mindset that provides unlimited opportunities for myself and my clients

I’m a money mindset and business coach who works with women entrepreneurs, like you, who feel uncomfortable with money. Cash flow is inconsistent, money conversations are hard, pricing your products and services is overwhelming, scary and creates fear and anxiety. 

I teach and empower you step by step on how to make and keep more money, so you can grow your bank account to give you the freedom and adventure you crave.


As soon as I opened the doors to my business I immediately came face to face with my “money gremlins”

The story of my entrepreneurial journey began right after having kids, and I knew two things for certain.

I didn’t want to work in a cubicle with someone else deciding how my life would be, nor was I comfortable having someone else raising our boys.

I jumped into a direct sales company selling cosmetics. I loved it, because it ticked all the boxes I was looking for.

I was my own boss
I taught and mentored women
I travelled and received lots of personal growth training
I had fun, and of course, made money

Things were good for a while, but once I moved into a management position I noticed that we lost a lot of very capable women because they weren’t making the money they hoped they would.
At our Monday night sales meetings, we taught product and sales techniques. However, there was one really important element missing. Money mindset, boundaries and simple systems that would help them to feel confident and in control of their money.

It wasn’t until I left the business, that I really became aware of how much “money” had played a part in all of the decisions I had made, and the effect it had in my business and personal life

 This is when I learned about entrepreneurship and “the money gremlins”.  Back then they showed up in ways like being afraid to ask for the sale, discounting or giving away product, and having weak or no boundaries around money. Letting clients take longer to pay, letting them decide the terms of a payment plan, because if I didn’t I was afraid of losing the sale. 

I didn’t know then what I know now

I had no idea that these were “money issues”. I just thought I wasn’t good “in sales.”

The one other thing that I didn’t know back then, but am very aware of now is how our limiting beliefs come into being. You hear people talk all the time about money blocks and limiting beliefs, but what the heck are they even talking about.

When I first started in the cosmetic business, I was surrounded by very successful, beautiful women who appeared to have it all. They were the leaders of the company and teaching and mentoring all over the world. I wanted to be just like them.

Appearances aren’t always what they seem

I attended a conference where my “mentors” were teaching and learned through the grapevine that a couple of them were actually in the middle of a divorce. At the time I was surprised but didn’t think anymore about it until years later when I discovered the root of one of my limiting beliefs around money.

My limiting belief around money was success=divorce. What?!!!

Yep 100%, and it didn’t even have anything to do with me or my family. It was what I witnessed and for whatever reason took it on as a belief that was true. I unknowningly decided at that point, that somehow the personal growth and success that was achieved in business lead to divorce for whatever reason.

Because of that unconscious belief, (meaning I was totally unaware of it), I spent everything I made to keep us broke, cause if you’re broke you certainly can’t afford to get a divorce.

I was looking for love in all the wrong places

I also believe that part of this belief was tied to the fact that I was adopted at birth. Being adopted somehow meant not being loved. So again I was spending money to belong, or to please or to feel similar to others.

Boundaries become an issue and you find yourself being taken advantage of or give away what you don’t have.

These limiting beliefs are nicely disguised, which is why we really need help to get to the root cause.

I lived most of my life with the “I suck at money” as my go to money mantra, because that’s what I thought it was. I had no conscious awareness of the success=divorce limiting belief, or looking for love in all the wrong places, which meant I spent a lot of money on taking course after course after course just trying to fit in and feel like I belonged.

Other disempowering beliefs and behaviours can lead to being frugal and micro-managing money. Skimping and not hiring team, always worrying about money being taken away or disappearing.

These behaviours and more create disempowering patterns and a vicious cycle around money.

As a highly trained money expert and coach, I see too many women limit themselves because they incorrectly believe that the “fear, anxiety and doubt” they’re having around money will keep them stuck forever

Is it any wonder you’re not creating the results you crave in your business and finances when the underlying belief that “you’re not good enough” is at the core of creating your money situations?

Together, we will bring a lightness to a subject that no one wants to talk about

My clients tell me that:
     I elicit a feeling of safety so they feel relaxed and able to express themselves
    They feel like they can trust me so they’re not afraid to open up and talk about money
    They also say, “Audrey, you make money fun!”
     I’m a natural, my personality shines through and the way I phrase things, makes them feel like their talking to a friend.

I love more than anything to be able to throw you a life line that will help to pull you out of the hole where you find yourself stuck. You will be guided in a caring, creative, intuitive and magical way, that feels safe and comfortable because talking about “your money stuff” can feel like you are airing your dirty laundry.

Clients come in as Money Ostriches, burying their heads in the sand, and leave, graduates of Ostrich University, holding their heads high, standing out from the crowd, proud of themselves and optimistic about their money situation.. 

If you are ready to graduate from Ostrich University having a new empowered money mindset, to create endless opportunities in your business, then it’s time to take the next step. 

TAKE THE Next Step

Now is the time to think a new thought, seize the moment and believe you can take control of your money, rather than “letting” it control you.

To learn more about the She Who Loves Money Programs and how they can help you to accumulate wealth in your business, bank account and life, GET THE 6 SIMPLE STEPS GUIDE TO INSTANTLY ELEVATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY. 


I am a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.
I am so excited to share this prosperity practice combined with my money training.
Kundalini+Money Coaching=A powerful combination for your business and bank account. 


I love adventure and travel. We did a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise and this is a picture of my husband and I on a quad going around the Island of Santorini in Greece. So much fun. 

My husband and I have quads and love to ride in the back country of British Columbia with our family, including 4 granddaughters who love to ride on the back with their papa. It all started years ago when we raced 4×4 trucks in the mud, and yes I used to race a 4×4 truck.