Discover Your Money Archetypes

Unlock Insights That Will Change Your Money Story Forever

You opened the doors to your business and now you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out.

You’re not making the money you thought you would on a consistent basis and you’re struggling to pay your bills.

You probably weren’t taught how to make or manage money growing up and you find yourself repeating the same old money patterns of your parents (or the complete opposite because you didn’t want to be “just like them”).

You feel it’s easier to go into denial around money, bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich, and wish it would just go away.

Being a Money Ostrich, can mean you overspend or are afraid to spend, and end up being in resentment as you are not living out the lifestyle and freedom of your choosing.

You are very aware that there are money conversations that need to happen. The thought of having to ask for money owed to you or tell people how much you charge causes you to feel stressed, anxious, fearful, uncomfortable and scared.

These feelings keep you stuck and broke, so you end up under-charging or over-delivering.

You are scared to death that you won’t make enough to pay your bills and you just want to generate more money consistently so that you have peace of mind and better sleep.




It doesn’t have to be this way


You just woke up – went into your home office, only to discover that someone signed up for your product or services overnight. What!!

The excitement and joy you’re feeling is because you followed the simple steps and action plan, to increase your fees, and it’s paying off.

You’re sitting down with your spouse or significant other with a glass of wine or your favorite latte and openly talking about money in a way that brings you both joy. Money dates have become a ritual, a source of connection and your favorite saying is:

“What are our choices, what are our actions.”

You’ve created a relationship with money that feels as easy as breathing, allowing you to have a consistent flow of income. You’re feeling the freedom of the one being in charge of your money and money mindset.

You’re getting paid amazing money for what you passionately love to do and your current and future ideal clients are rewarding you with their business, all because you were willing to let your love be bigger than your fear.

You took the steps to get the support you needed and now you feel unstoppable and your life feels amazing, knowing you have money in the bank, adventures booked in your calendar and a business and life you love. 

It’s just that you literally feel nauseous when someone asks you how much your program costs

You cannot get out of your head, and you are stuck in fear and self-doubt.

And it feels like you have to struggle endlessly to achieve what you want. 

Do any of these sound like you?

You put the financial needs of your clients before your own

You’re uncomfortable pricing your services even though you know you’re qualified and provide great value to your clients/potential clients

You find yourself giving discounts and or extended payment plans just  to get people to sign up

Holding yourself back out of fear, not entitled, not worthy because you’re thinking that you can’t serve people, and make good money

You have a stack of unopened bills, particularly credit card statements as you’re not wanting to face or know your numbers


If you’re ready to be courageous, and willing to do whatever it takes to turn temporary discomfort into extraordinary success, then you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Audrey Watson. I’m a money mindset and business coach who works with women entrepreneurs, like you, who feel uncomfortable with money.

Cash flow is inconsistent, money conversations are hard and you feel nauseous when someone asks how much you charge.

I teach you how to make and keep more money, so you can grow your bank account to give you the freedom and adventure you crave.

As a result of discovering
your money archetypes program
you will

Understand the deeply ingrained, unconscious money patterns and habits you currently have about money, so that you can create simple money systems that allow you to feel confident and in control

Identify your money values, so that you can maintain alignment and connection to your truth, and create consistent money in your business

Rewrite your new money story so that you always hold your head high when working with your ideal clients, charging what you know you’re worth

Have a plan and systems in place to begin to create a new legacy for yourself and your family

Your Investment: $99 U.S.D

Discover your Money Archetypes – A Personal Money Plan

that includes:

SESSION 1 – Getting to know your Money Archetypes
Receive and take the Archetype quiz to determine your top 3 Money Archetypes. Knowing your archetypes helps to position yourself as a leader, strengthens relationships, and points out your money gifts to help you be more in alignment with your business.

Receive a digital copy of the archetype cards and a link to my calendar to book your 90 min session in step 2.  Having the cards will help you to get familiar with them so we can complete the worksheets on our 90 min call.

Making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path. Are you ready? 

SESSION 2 – Putting together your Personal Money Master Plan
Session 1 will set the foundation for our 90 minute call, as you will have a basic understanding of your archetypes.

We will get together for our 90 minute zoom call to work further and at a deeper level where you learn how to incorporate your archetypes into your life and business.

Our call will consist of going through the “I am Money” Visualization exercise which will help you to understand your relationship with money. It helps to close the gap between who you are and what money is. By creating a new understanding and a new relationship with money you will have a starting point to put your Personal Money Master Plan into action.

You will receive a worksheet that we will go through together, which coincides with the visualization.  Knowing your “money values” and archetypes you’ll have a powerful set of tools to move forward with, in order to stand in your power with money and start increasing your financial self-worth.

You will leave this call knowing your money gifts, money challenges, an empowering money mindset, 4 new action steps that will move you forward and a 60 day Bold Money Goal.

SESSION 3 – Follow Up
Two weeks later we’ll check in to see how you’re stepping into your new money story. We’ll adjust your plan as needed to keep you on track and moving forward. I have been in your shoes and it takes time and baby steps to change your relationship with money, but it’s 100% worth it.
You’ll leave the session feeling like you are making progress on your new Personal Money Master Plan. As you continue to work with your plan and new money mindset  you will gain greater confidence, courage, and start seeing money flow into your bank account.

Let the Fun Begin

And remember, I do get it, people would rather air their dirty laundry then talk about money. I also hear things like “it’s the big elephant in the room”.

I want to assure you, that we can unlock the secrets, to talk about money in a way that empowers both you and the clients you serve. Money is neutral, it’s just pieces of paper or coins, it’s what we think about it that makes it good or bad.

Together we’ll learn how to direct your thoughts so that you can be the one in control of your money rather than the other way around.

It’s going to be fun, I promise.

Your Investment: $99 U.S.D

Let’s Get Started

 Step 1. Click on the button below. 

Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your New Possibilities Money Archetype Quiz and instructions for booking your 90 minute session. 

Step 3. Once your session time is booked you will receive your worksheets and we will meet on zoom for your 90 minute Money Archetype session.  

Step 4. 2 weeks after your call we will have a follow up session to keep you on track with your personal money mastery plan and money story, to put more money in your bank and adventures in your calendar.

Let’s chat soon!

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Client Love

Tracy R. Herman

Audrey is a fantastic mentor and teacher and I truly enjoyed her manner, humour, and approachability. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and supportive resource to quickly improve your relationship with money both short-term and long-term I’d highly recommend getting Audrey Watson into your life immediately.  

 Estrellita Gonzalez


I recently went through Audrey Watson’s wonderful program She Who Loves Money. Although the focus is money there are many other features to it around your life plan, dreams and intentions. I really loved it, and I felt it was a powerful way to stay plugged into the right energy, one of creation and intention. Thank you Audrey.

Katrin Rippel Galati

Audrey is She Who Loves Money”. I made a huge shift in mind regarding my relationship with money and established habits that will support that. During the two weeks, I could see subtle changes happening and I trust substantial results will follow in the near future.

Jennifer Campbell 

She Who Loves Money is not just about money but about life. It starts with money, sure, but you realize how much of your self worth, your outlook, your past, your present and your future are tied up with money. Audrey guides you through all of this. Thank you so very much, Audrey for teaching me a new found respect money and for this fantastic opportunity. 

Christine Joy DeCary 

“This program is so much more than just a money course. Audrey’s Love Your Money course made me think, dig deep and thankfully had nothing to do with budgets and penny pinching. Through her simple, step by step exercises and guided visualizations, I feel like I’ve lifted some blocks that have held me back for years. I now have a new money consciousness and I’m ready to manifest the life of my dreams. Thank you Audrey, from the bottom of my heart! This course is a delightful gift filled with incredible information and the world needs it.”

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