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Kundalini + Abundance go hand in hand. Join me in the journey.

My name is Audrey Watson and the Spiritual name I was given when I completed my Instructor training is Ananda Parvan Kaur. It means, 

You have been blessed to live as Ananda Parvan Kaur, the sacred Princess/Lioness who, by recognizing that she is accepted by God, is blessed to experience inner divine bliss.

Ananda means one who is filled with bliss. Parvan means one who has been accepted by God. All females receive the name Kaur – the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. 

I am really excited and looking forward to bringing part of this practice to you if you are interested. The breath work and Kriyas are 100% a big part of your relationships, health, wealth and happiness in life. 


What in the world is Kundalini Yoga you ask?

It is the yoga of awareness. It is for everyone. It can help you to strengthen your immune system, nervous system, circulation and a whole lot more.  Kundalini covers your mind body and soul, it can have an impact on your habits and patterns that no longer serve you. It can strengthen relationships in all areas of your life when practiced on a regular basis.


 Yoga is not just another “self-improvement” craze. Yoga is not a practice of self-improvement at all. It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing. You don’t need to be “fixed”; you simply need to reconnect with how wonderful and perfect you already are.  Yoga is about remembering who you truly are. You are born as a spirtitual being to have a human experience.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation have helped me to re-pattern my body and mind.

Gurmukh – Internationally Renowed Kundalini Yoga  Teacher



Kundalini Yoga is a Science which works works on the seven chakras, the arcline and the aura (the Eighth Chakra). It works directly on the total energy, and that flow of energy has one simple way; either sway it or it sways you. Either you are above the energy and ride it, or you go below the energy and it rides you. That is where Kundalini Yoga fits in: you will learn to ride your energy, to experience it and penetrate any given situation to attain a balance. 

What is Kundalini actually? It is your creative potential. You experience it when the energy of the glandular system comines with the energy of the nervous system to create such a sensitivity that the totality of the brain receives signals and integrates them. Then you become totally and wholly aware, and your creative potential becomes available to you.

-Yogi Bhajan 







Kundalini Yoga gnerally consists of 4 parts

1. Kriyas –

2. Mudras –

3. Mantra –

4. Meditation – 

Chakra Information – coming soon