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Business & Money Mastery     Coaching Program

As a female entrepreneur you’re passionate about wanting to grow your online business but…

> cash flow is inconsistent,

> money conversations are hard,

> you feel nauseous when someone asks how much you charge.


Does this sound like you? You…..

are totally confused by all the conflicting business building advice you see online—now you’re overwhelmed and don’t trust your own instincts

feel guilty charging good money for doing work you’re passionate about and love to do

are feeling exhausted, from believing you have to work hard ALL.THE.TIME in order to earn money, and the income you’re looking for is just not happening

you wonder if you will ever sign a client without thinking you have to discount your prices or give away more of your time

start to fumble when it comes to talking about how much you charge

You’re in business to make money. When you unlock your genius, commit to daily mindset practices, connect your energy and soul’s purpose to your business, you will make money!!

Imagine, what your life and business looks like when…….

Clients are seeking you out and are ready to work with you

You know how to create strong boundaries, price your services and charge what your worth

You feel confident, comfortable and supported when having money conversations with your significant other, family and clients

Your monthly income is consistent, you have regular clients, your bills are paid on time every month, and your savings account is growing

You’re confident in your value and trust yourself as a business owner

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That’s exactly what we do together in the Business and Money Mastery Coaching Program

In this six month one-on-one coaching program you’ll experience an incredible transformation in your relationship with money so that you are freeing yourself from the burden of debt, you’re feeling in control of your finances, you’re charging what you’re worth and you have a plan and strategies to accomplish it all.

The result is you attract your ideal clients and make money.

What holds entrepreneurs back, is their mindset and the relationship they have with money. It’s the one relationship that you deal with every single day.

There is never a day that goes by that you are not thinking or interacting with money in some form.

When we work together we’ll create a new money story for you that will make room for a flow of abundance.


You will experience incredible transformation around your money blocks and stories. 

For example, you’ll learn how to:

Get “unhooked” from emotional triggers so you can make decisions that will earn you more money

See challenging situations from a fresh perspective so you can make new, authentically powerful and aligned connections with your ideal clients

Create heartfelt, unstoppable motivation and commitment to reaching your goals and dream
Let go of perfectionism and overwhelm so you can ‘switch’ off and enjoy life outside of your business

Business & Money Mastery

Business & Money Mastery takes you from a floundering entrepreneur to a competent heart-filled business owner who knows how to make and keep money consistently.

When you do business from this aligned heart-filled space, you will:

create a client attracting mindset
be more confident and raise your fees because you know your value
feel a surge in your self-worth and see an increase in your net worth
press reset and create a new empowered money story
heal your money blocks once and for all in order to start taking powerful action steps to move you forward
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Module 1


  • Say goodbye to disempowering beliefs and patterns around money
  • Plant the seeds by setting your intentions and creating an action plan
  • Create or revise your signature program, one that your ideal clients get excited about, is easy for you to sell, and gets your clients results

Module 2


    • Get the proven formula to create a client attracting mindset and being open to receiving
    • Have money conversation and make offers with confidence
    • Learn the systems and strategies to working smarter not hard, giving you more time for family, friends and fun.

Module 3


  • Belief in your value and the power of transformation that your program delivers to your clients
  • Price your offers and packages with confidence (you’ll learn the 20 pricing “Do’s and Don’ts” tips)
  • Start to manifest your financial freedom  and achieve your dream business and life


Money Mindset

  • Understand the importance of how your beliefs and values guide your actions
  • Recognize your personal and money values, and use them to be in alignment, which opens up the channels for manifestation to happen
  • Take a deep dive to ensure you are on track and taking action to build the business and life of your dreams. Mindset is 100% the key to your success.


 Private Facebook Group

  • The collaboration with other like minded women in the Facebook group is fun and very helpful. It feels like getting help and support from best friends and sisters
  • The community feels like home and is a safe place to talk about money which can be very scary for some. You will feel at ease and have fun talking about a subject that feels taboo to you
  • Get your questions answered by me, share your success stories and cheer on other sisters in the group. Together we all shine our light out into the world


Customized Workbooks

  • Each module has it’s own beautifully designed workbook where there will be actionable steps and worksheets to keep you on track
  • Workbooks contain your step-by-step plan to keep you moving forward when obstacles, like procrastination, fear and overwhelm stop you in your tracks
  • Journaling is one of the best learning tools and these workbooks will help to keep everything in one spot. No more scrambling to find your notes.

I’m Audrey Watson,

Money and Business Coach, Speaker, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, wife to an amazing man for 40 years, mother of 2 boys, and Grandma to 5 beautiful little Granddaughters.

I’m a money mindset and business coach who works with female entrepreneurs, like you who feel uncomfortable with money.

I’ll teach you how to make and keep more money, so you can grow your bank account to give you the freedom and adventure you crave.

Together, we will bring a lightness to a subject that no one wants to talk about. Clients come in as Money Ostriches, burying their heads in the sand, and leave, graduates of Ostrich University, holding their heads high, proud of themselves and optimistic about their money situation.

So let’s get started, because when we challenge and break through our old beliefs we can step up and own our worth.

The good news is,

money is very simple to master, no matter where you’re starting from right now.  Once you have a strategy for knowing how to value yourself–and how to take simple actions that put you in control — you’ll begin to make and keep more money.  And when you have simple money systems you’ll be able to confidently stand in your power with money, with anyone and in any situation. This is how you increase your self-worth AND your net worth. 

Here are your investment options:

Your full-pay investment for the Business & Money Mastery Program is $4997 USD

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Or, if you prefer, you can make 6 easy payments of $900 USD

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With your investment, you’ll receive the following:

Instant access to your customized workbook with step by step actionable exercises, designed to move you forward

Bonus kickoff session to determine your money super powers. Learn how knowing your money archetypes will help to keep you aligned and also in working with your clients and their money issues. Super powerful

18 private 45 minute coaching calls. (3 calls per month), and email access between calls to answer any clarifying questions you may have if you are stuck

Private Facebook Group to connect with other like minded women

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Client Love

Toni Serofin

I feel more in my power around money. If I was to recommend this course to my best friend, I would say “Are you sick of the story you keep telling yourself about money? Are you ready for more? More money, more fun, more freedom? Are you ready to be supported in your changes? Then I have someone I recommend you talk to.”   

 Holly Williams


Audrey gives you permission to stop hesitating and start making MORE money. You can instantly see change and results! Audrey truly helps you identify the top 3 things that are holding you back and gives you a plan to overcome them.  If you have been telling yourself that “something’s gotta give” when it comes to your money, then this is the course for you!


Mara Belzer

WOW! I had so many shifts. This course helped me see that all that I have been avoiding has been a huge energy suck and block to my money flow. As soon as I let go of my avoidance, I literally started finding dollar bills on the ground!. Not joking!  Thank you so much for your wisdom and support, Audrey.

You realize how much of your self worth, your outlook, your past, your present and your future is tied up with money. Audrey taught me a new found respect with money! 

Jennifer Campbell 

Ciel Ellis

Here are your investment options:

Your full-pay investment for the Inner Work Program is $4997 USD

Or, if you prefer, you can make 6 easy payments of $900 USD