Is your Inner “Big Shot” running your finances?

Do you love the spotlight, the bling, and all the glitz and glam that can come with running your own business?

I know I did, and as a leader in a top Direct Selling Company that was all about glitz and glam I was in my happy place as it allowed me to be on stage speaking, training and mentoring other women, I was in my element. So I thought.

Problem was, after a while you can no longer hide under the glitz and glam and feel authentic and be true to who you want to be. I was making money but I was also spending it as fast as I got it. I’m sure you have all heard the saying “champagne taste, beer budget”. That was me. That was the lifestyle I was living.

Till I made the decision to become a money mindset coach. What I learned and realized in my training with knowing my money archetypes was that I was valuing status over financial security. I knew something had to change! The first step I took was to immediately change the way I was thinking about money, and my daily mantra became “Increasing how much I love, accept and believe in myself is priceless”.

Having the mantra and the awareness I check in with myself before making any purchases. Is this purchase moving me towards or away from my goals? Is this purchase just to look good or does it fit into the values I set for my life at the moment? Taking the time to check in with myself and my actions has made a big difference with my relationship with money.

Does this sound familiar? Are you projecting an image of success (champagne taste) that might not match your bank account balance (beer budget). If so I invite you to come on a little journey with me to find out your money archetypes and how you can start to shift your money paradigm to one of empowerment and freedom. Check out the Introductory Money Archetypes offer at

Or feel free to leave me a comment in the comment box below and share your experience if this sounds familiar. Would love to hear from you.

Love Yourself, Love your Money